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Step Two – the paper mache mix is flour and water, overnight in the fridge

We zoned out and missed our 100-day party!

Going to place it next week on July 1st, Canada Day.

Step Three

Science Fair projects are coming along. Volcano research included studying, then writing a paragraph on, the Ring of Fire. Bella completed a diagram on the parts of a volcano. We also watched a National Geographic special about Kilauea.

We had a little excitement when we ran out of brown paint for the volcano. I called an audible and we did an impromptu class on pigments – mixed our own brown, which looked a little purple, initially.

Next up a little greenery and some ocean

Virus news is so volatile, there are developments opposite of my notes within 90 minutes of posting => endless humility training.

State in-bound quarantines (NY/NJ/CT), local positives (back up), large health systems partially shutting down (costly in care and profits).

Here’s what’s clear:

  • The closest most of us could come to a meatpacking environment is an air-conditioned bar => dense, loud, humid and temperature controlled => additionally, there’s alcohol and a need to remove masks to drink. It is in our collective interest to pay to keep these places shut.
  • ~100 million Americans live in a state where the virus appears to be accelerating (CA, TX, FL, AZ).

We have friends in the bar and restaurant business. Very tough times for them.

Not all bad news – the Feds won against a hospital group that sued to keep pricing secret.

Disclosure helps.