2021 Habits

In the news this morning, the UK starts its public vaccination program and the safe harbor deadline for the Presidential Election.

Today is the beginning of the end game for 2020’s drama.

I’ve marked my calendar for February 1st, 2021 => a few days after the inauguration. I made a date with myself to consider…

How am I spending my time?

Specifically, what do I notice about my habits:

  • …of engagement
  • …of conflict
  • …of attention
  • …of seeking confirmation (bias)

I put the reminder into my calendar because when I’m paying attention to Trump, elections, COVID… it crowds out bandwidth for better ideas, for creativity, for the good life.

In business, one good idea can be worth a lot of money.

In life experience, my personal reality is created by where I focus my attention.

Am I taking myself where I want to go?

Way too much negative focus in 2020.