Competitive Diversity


This post is another 2021 initiative of mine.

Thinking better from exposing myself to a wider range of ideas.

Allow me to explain.

Have a look at the picture above => 95% of votes via mail, 80% of registered voters voted and 77% of votes for Biden.

Within our demographics, we’re 77% White and 10% White Hispanic.

So you’ve got a ~90% White population that’s mostly left, lean left and moderate.

It’s a homogenous external reality, different from where I grew up (Vancouver).

Locally, we are following a wide range of initiatives in an effort to more towards a more Diverse, Inclusive and Equitable society (DIE).

The challenge with these initiatives is they can default into visible measures of DIE.

That’s a shame.

The useful part of diversity is invisible.

I started my career working in the most diverse investment team in London (1990s). We were diverse across nearly all measures (ethnicity, sex, age, wealth, BMI, politics, home country).

I say “nearly all measures” because we were united in respecting experience, intelligence, work ethic and reality.

Our diversity, and a ton of Type-A personalities, created conflict. We didn’t mind the conflict as it, eventually, led to better decision making.

Our conflict was not about driving out people who thought differently – a key risk for homogenous groups. Our conflict was about seeking to make better decisions.

Our true diversity was impossible to measure => diversity of thought.

  • The ability to generate an idea outside the local consensus.
  • The strength of character to share that idea.
  • The skill to present the idea in a way others could understand.
  • The capacity of the group to re-consider its own position in light of this idea.
  • The ability to let go of our own position and follow the lead of the more experienced.

This measure of diversity is where the competitive edge lies.

Smart people, proven doers, who think differently.

They will drive you crazy.

That’s OK, you can work on your tolerance while you make better choices!

PS – We have a very bright spot locally. Our local school district. The District has a “no place for hate” initiative, and an overall culture, that has provided an essential education (in tolerance) for our kids.

PPS – Where can I find the best thoughts from the other side? First, seek to understand.