COVID Diary 10 Dec 2020

If you didn’t see Scott G’s opinion piece in USA Today then you might want to give it a read. LINK

Across the constant noise of 2020, Scott’s been mostly right. You can track back through his writing on Twitter. I’m amazed at the hate directed to him, and others who have been making best efforts to help.

Three data points that caught my eye.

1/ After coming down with COVID, Giuliani (76) checked in (Sunday) then out (Wednesday) of the hospital. Rudy appears to be another high profile, high risk, survivor.

Less high profile, a very good friend’s father survived COVID. His son, my buddy, had a pulse oximeter delivered for home monitoring. The pulse ox enabled him to get to the ER before he became critical. He had a very tough 12-hour block but turned the corner with treatments you might have read about (dex, remdesivir, oxygen and prone sleeping).

Pulse oximeter’s are cheap and easily obtained. I use them on myself, my kids and carry one in my first aid kit. You should own one.

2/ FDA meeting today to consider the Pfizer vaccine.

3/ UK vaccine roll out continues.

Tens of millions of will have been vaccinated, for a while, before anyone offers me a shot. I’ll continue to watch the rollout and see what happens.

Our school district is asking the community to volunteer to be in-class monitors. This is an effort to keep schools open, when staff have to quarantine.

Teachers are in Phase Two of the vaccine rollout. Phase One is focused on saving lives and front-line COVID workers. Non-paywall summary of Colorado’s rollout.

For the first time in the pandemic, I find myself thinking reality will be better than the current news.

Either way, we’re going to keep on keeping on.

The days of being scared to touch our Amazon packages are behind us.