PPP – Where Life Happens

I have a picture beside my desk.

We’d just finished riding from Miami to Key West as a reverse start to a very fun bike trip. I tagged along most of the way from Key West to NOLA. Good times with my friend, Petro (love you, bro).

Look closely and what do you see?

I’m at the southern most point of the USA and I’m looking at my phone.

Kinda embarrassing.

I stuck it on my printer to remind me that life happens outside my office.

The pandemic increased my intake of news and social media.

This was not a good thing.

To be sick of sickness is the only cure.

Tao Te Ching

Some of my choices have a negative utility => meaning net-net doing NOTHING is better that doing them.

With this in mind – consider what “not to keep” from the pandemic.

At the end of Summer Break, I dropped Facebook/Instagram.

Over Winter Break, I pulled the plug on Twitter and email.

News => I subscribed to our local paper’s online edition. Published daily, no live updates. One paper a day, no updates until 5am the next day. Being a local paper, something needs to be big to make the online edition.

Across the year, I removed the option to flee into my phone, or the news, or an urgent (but not really urgent) email.

It is not feasible for me to completely drop email from my life, but it is feasible to remove social media & browsers from my phone and limit the time spent staring at a screen (link is my email sig file).

Repeat after me…

Life happens outside my office.

I want my family to remember I made time for them.

The cost of the status quo is hidden.

So… each year, keep what works AND try something new.

PS: eMail initiative & early wake up => 1,250 hours per annum. Small changes have big results when compounded over time. An inconvenient truth => My middle age ends in eight years. Do I want to spend an avoidable 10,000 hours looking at a screen? Own the outcome!