Dealing with an Irrational Spouse

girlsA decade ago, I was working in Bermuda and went shopping with my girlfriend. She picked out a small container of strawberries for us and I nearly pooped my pants…

Eight bucks for strawberries?!?

My girlfriend is now my wife but I’ve held onto my tendency to sweat the small stuff.

In the middle of winter I was looking at all the exotic fruit in the fridge and asking myself how much all this cost. I came across a quart of chopped watermelon and nearly pooped my pants…

Ten bucks for watermelon?!?

While I haven’t learned, my wife has…

I’m grateful to be married to a man that can afford to buy ten-dollar watermelon and I assure you that your children and I are going to savor every single piece of it.

I share the script because the people in our lives that feel pain from spending probably feel pleasure from providing.

Her reply was brilliant.

While I have been doing more fruit shopping at CostCo, the pain from opening the fridge door has been replaced with pride from being able to provide the family with healthy choices.

This example has given me the courage to search for other “fruity” situations in my life.