Looking At 50

unitedIf I followed the path of the majority of my mentors then 50 would see me gearing up for a Big Push. The push might be towards athletics, or business, or a career path that I neglected earlier in my life.

Instead, I find myself asking, “How can I make a lasting difference for my family?”

That’s surprising, based on my younger self, but not surprising if I take the time to learn about the natural progression of men in my situation. So that’s been a clear lesson, the illusion of individual experience. If you can’t see this illusion in yourself then spend some time with a teenager.

Late last year, I had lunch with a young man that works in finance. He lives in Hong Kong. He drives a wonderful Italian sports car. He makes plenty of money. He’s one of the fittest employees in his firm. He’s engaged to a fantastic Chinese-Canadian woman.

It got me thinking.

You see… I was having lunch with a man who was living my former life in Asia.

It was humbling. Humbling because it drove home how I’m prone to fooling myself about success being due to the special nature of myself.

Don’t take the good, or the bad, too seriously. Take time to learn from the many who have walked before us.

Ultimately, all that we will be left with are memories of what we’ve done:

  • taking action that serves the collective
  • being open to those that love us
  • focused time on marriage, family, friends, community

Choose wisely.