The Person You Will Become

IMG_2458The photos are from Bora Bora, an expensive vacation that Monsy and I took a few years ago.

The trip was worth the money. As “the Boulder couple,” my wife had me keeping her company as she ran around the island (20 miles), did her (five-mile) open water swim sessions and dragged a towel through the water (to build strength).

IMG_2451Another good memory is doing a sprint swim workout (while the Italians were sipping champagne) and Monica yelling at me to “swim straight.” I had trouble holding my line with the white sand bottom!

There were lots of honeymooners on the island. Comfortable in our own relationship, we wondered who “would make it.” Success being defined as sticking together as a couple.

One set of honeymooners was a high-profile couple. He was wealthy, she was stunning.

This week, I found out that things didn’t work out well for them. It was described to me as… he lost his hair, he lost his money, his wife started fooling around, he filed for divorce then he blew his brains out.

So sad for everyone involved.

For one moment, he lost all hope.


IMG_3636Collectively, we tend to view divorce as a failure and a bad thing. There are elements of truth in that view and… there are elements of truth in the opposite view.

Failure can be a powerful catalyst for positive change.

Some of my failures have turned out to be useful experiences.

The key is getting through the suck, the pain, the hurt and the misery.

The people that we’ve hurt, let down, disappointed… they might have good cause to never forgive us. That’s their journey.

What’s important to remember is that life is precious and our darkest moments can be the catalyst for the person we want to become.

IMG_3663At 45 years old, my family gets the benefit of my past screw ups and failures. My prior errors are invisible to the people in my current life.

Stay in the game to meet the person you will become.

They might be wonderful.