What Can Go Right

NYE_2014Above is a picture of my beautiful wife at a New Year’s Eve party in the French West Indies. Strangely, quite a bit had to go wrong for us to enjoy this evening.

Last year at this time I had ZERO idea that event was possible.

If you struggle to shake your fears about what can go wrong then here’s an exercise to help you remain open to what can go right.


Before your next date night, couple’s retreat or family gathering. Spend a little time asking yourself:

What can go right in my life? 

What I did was take some paper, turned it sideways and wrote two headings…

What Can Go Right // Related Questions

The topics I considered:

  • Asset Appreciation
  • Asset Sales
  • Time Allocation
  • Continuous Education
  • Expense/Income Balance
  • Family Health
  • New Friends and Family
  • Improved Traits

Considering the details opened up some interesting questions:

  • Should we trade out of luxury and low-return assets?
  • Reallocate capital and time towards opportunities for shared experiences?
  • What projects provide the opportunity for family members to work together?
  • What do we want to study?
  • Who is the best person to teach us?
  • Where is a fun venue for instruction?
  • What role does family play in health?
  • What traits are desirable to attract into the family?
  • How can we promote these traits in ourselves?

To hold myself accountable, I highlighted three traits that would make me more effective: be more fun; handle kid noise better; and react more slowly.

In my case, being fun is characterized by being open to new experiences and handling change.

Last year, we did the opposite exercise => What can go wrong => I might be “a little too good” at that kind of brainstorming!

Interestingly, the “wrong list” is full of external events and the “right list” is filled with items that are within our control.

This brought up an essential question…

Am I worried about the right things?