Sunday Summary 3 July 2022

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Caught COVID Part One

Came down with COVID last Tuesday and my network has been great.


At the same time as I was dealing with the fever, my O-sats were getting hammered and that made my thinking REALLY slow, also meant I stopped driving until they rebounded.

I was negative before I was positive – didn’t feel right Tuesday afternoon, tested negative.

Woke Wednesday with a big fever and tanking wellness metrics – clearly positive. If you don’t feel right, then it might take 12-24 hours to see test confirmation of what you feel going on.

I kept hydrating like I was training, put a large glass of water beside my desk and bed (create availability for my O2 deprived brain).

Checking my o-sats has kept me in check! I ordered this pulse ox meter on Amazon

Laying around, with the fever, resulted in back pain – hip flexor stretches offered quick relief

Best Decision: immediately, and publicly, pulling the pin on my May Training

Reminder: just like post-marathon/Ironman…

You are going to FEEL better, before you ARE better.