Sunday Summary 17 April 2022

The Body You Want

Fit Kids & Parenting


High Performance Habits

Strength & Conditioning

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Family Wealth

High Performance Habits

Sports Science

Sunday Summary 3 April 2022

High Performance & Productivity

Athletic Performance


Sunday Summary 27 March 2022

Getting a much clearer idea about the topics that engage y’all.

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Athletic Performance

High-Performance Strategies

Wealth Topics

Sunday Summary 20 March 2022

Mood Management

Athletic Performance

The Body You Want

True Wealth

Sunday Summary 13 March 2022

High-Performance Strategies

Getting The Body You Want

  • I contributed to Brady’s thread about eating on easy days
  • More information isn’t the answer for Big Guys Losing Weight => thread and article link. Think in terms of 1,000 day pacing and remember “not eating” is a losing strategy.
  • Jumps & Plyos are prehab for life – don’t accept the common experience as your personal baseline!

Family Money

Personal Real Estate can be a high-hassle asset but it has benefits, some hidden

Life Lessons

Athletic Performance

Sunday Summary 6 March 2022

Training Protocols

Decision Making

When looking at a land war in Europe, I felt it was useful to review the lessons from COVID

  • The folly of prediction
  • The future being unknowable
  • The cognitive cost of rushing (with the crowd) when fearful
  • Human systems, like markets, tend to swing past optimal
  • There is likely to be an on-going crisis for the rest of my life
  • Live my life, do my work, deal with the future when it arrives


Wealth & Money

Sunday Summary 27 Feb 2022

Getting A Better Body

Breaking Free From 9-5

Athletic Performance

Using High Performance Insights


  • Kids & Screens
    • a daily habit of reading, chores and sport
    • know your why
    • my best strategies for kid tech

Sunday Summary 20 Feb 2022

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Getting A Better Body

Generating Family Wealth

Using High-Performance Insights

Elite Athletic Performance

Sunday Summary 13 Feb 2022

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Monday I published Multigenerational Capital on WordPress, shared tips for Parenting Alpha Pups on Twitter and discussed How An Olympic Sports Doc Uses HRV in his life on Twitter.

Tuesday: 20 years after winning, I looked back on Ultraman Hawaii on Twitter.

  1. Attempting the impossible changes our lives in unexpected ways
  2. We can be unaware of our limiting beliefs
  3. Public success can be highly addictive
  4. Life gives us feedback
  5. Don’t quit, change the game
  6. Metabolic Fitness Matters
  7. Stay Humble

Wednesday I shared a worked example linking time and money for the self-employed on Twitter

Thursday I published The Allowance Game on WordPress and shared How I Use HRV on Twitter

Friday I shared When To Eat on Twitter and gave a tour of my home gym on Twitter.

In the home gym thread are two goals of mine: hang with my kids through my early 60s and hoist my carry-on (with ease) at 80!

Saturday I shared Losing Five To Ten from my WordPress archive. It’s on the impact of elite environments.

I was asked about asset allocation by a reader on Twitter and pointed towards a PDF, a book and free Vanguard resources.